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Cowboy Camp will be an exciting week for your your person. Each camper will receive a Cowboy hat on their first day and will join the Red Riders or the Blue Broncos for various competitions.

How to Dress

Be sure not to wear your best clothes to Cowboy Camp. We are outside and you may get a little dirty. Also, avoid flip flops and sandals as they are not the best for riding horses.

Cowboy Camp is Free

Each year people ask how much it costs to attend Cowboy Camp. We want to make it available to everyone, so we don’t charge. However, we do receive a penny offering each day where kids learn the joy of giving.  We encourage them to bring in penny rolls for the offering during the opening session. During the closing rally, we weigh the offering to see whose was heaviest, The Ride Rider’s or the Blue Bronco’s. Kid’s have a great time cheering for their team and this helps to defray the cost of Cowboy Camp.

Evening Revival Services

Each evening, we have revival services under the tent featuring guest preachers and special music. This is a soul stirring time for those looking to develop their walk with God. Everyone is invited to attend. Services begin at 7 pm.

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